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Do you want to work as an occupational therapist in Quebec?

Licensing Requirements

As a professional order, the Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec (the Order) has a mandate to protect the public. To this end, it monitors the competence and professionalism of occupational therapists.

The law states that any person who wishes to use the title "Occupational Therapist" or to engage in any professional activity restricted to occupational therapists must:

  • be licensed by the Order, and
  • be entered on the roll of the Order.

To become a member of the Order, you must pay annual dues.

How to Obtain a Licence to Practice in Quebec

If your degree in occupational therapy was not obtained in Quebec and you wish to be licensed by the Order, you must:

Comparing Your Occupational Therapy Competencies With the Requirements to Practice in Quebec

You must enclose a completed "Bilan de l’expérience en ergothérapie" (410 Ko) with your application. This form available only in French enables you to summarize your occupational therapy experience and compare it to the requirements established by the Order to practice in Quebec.

These requirements are set out in the "Référentiel de compétences lié à l’exercice de la profession d’ergothérapeute au Québec" (1,3 Mo - In French only).

Steps to Follow

The review of your application for equivalence will involve many steps.

Read the description of the steps to follow (46 Ko) for an equivalence review, as well as the fees required (46 Ko).
Read the list of documents (46 Ko) to provide to the Order.

Equivalence review application form (In French only - 137 Ko)

Regulatory history form (278 Ko)

Bridge training

Where the committee decision includes a bridge training for the person to be granted the equivalence, this may take the form of either:

1. A bridge training program
The Programme de qualification en ergothérapie (250 Ko) is a bridge training program offered at the Université de Montréal.  The program includes courses and clinical training as well as preparatory activities.

For more information:


2. A supervised clinical training and courses about the context of practicing OT in Québec
Applies where diplomas or training is considered equivalent but the candidate cannot demonstrate his knowledge and understanding of Québec’s healthcare system and the Québec’s professional system (including all applicable legislation, regulations, and standards)

Should you have any questions: contact us

Documents in Another Language

If you provide documents that are not written in English or French, you must include a version translated into French or English.

This translation must be certified by a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ), or by a certified consular or diplomatic official.

Working Knowledge of the French Language

Quebec’s official language is French as defined in the Charter of the French language (commonly known as Bill 101).(OQLF)

This law stipulates that anyone wishing to obtain a permit emitted by a professional order must be able to speak and write French.

If you are unable to prove your knowledge of the French language, you must obtain a certificate issued by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) indicating that you have successfully completed a French proficiency examination.

Temporary Licence

The Order may issue a temporary licence valid for 1 year to candidates graduated from outside Quebec who are declared qualified to practice but whose knowledge of the French language does not meet the official requirements.

In that case, you will receive the registration form for the OQLF examination along with the temporary licence issued by the Order.

When your temporary licence is expired, it is no longer considered valid and you are removed from the roll of the Order. You therefore lose the ability to work as an occupational therapist in Quebec.

Renewal of Your Temporary Licence

If you need more than 1 year to successfully complete the French proficiency examination, your temporary licence may be renewed for up to 3 times with the OQLF authorization.

Immigration Process

You do not need to be a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada to obtain a licence from the Order. However, a work permit or study permit may be required if the Order determines you need to follow courses or a practical training period in order to receive your licence.

You will find more information about immigrating to Quebec by visiting the web site of the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion -

If you wish to work as an occupational therapist elsewhere in Canada, you must refer back to the web site of the Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACORE) -

Review process

You may apply for a review of the decision by subjecting a request in writing to the secretary within 30 days of receipt of the decision.

Complaints Commissioner

The Commissaire aux plaintes en matière de reconnaissance des compétences professionnelles is an independent governmental entity, attached to the Office des professions du Québec. By law, the Commissioner is responsible for receiving and investigating any complaint from a person against a professional order regarding recognition mechanisms, such as diploma and training equivalence.

For more information:


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