Planning an efficient process

The path suggested below will help you to plan your efforts efficiently and effectively. When possible, an estimate of the required time is provided and important points to take into account in your planning are emphasized. The order in which certain steps are taken may have an impact on subsequent steps with regard to time and costs. In addition, hyperlinks to the detailed process are inserted at different places in the table to make it easier to connect information about planning your path and the process you need to start in order to obtain the right to practice the profession in Quebec.

Licence and entry on roll



  • Recognition of equivalence by the Order  
  • Proof of knowledge of the French language, in accordance with terms of the Charter of the French Language
    CAUTION: Additional process required if the request for the licence is made more than 3 years after equivalence recognition.

Type of licence: 

  • Regular: With proof of knowledge of French
  • Temporary: No proof of knowledge of French. Valid for 1 year. Renewal conditional

Entry on roll

  • Annual dues

Total estimated time* : 2 months


Legend :

  • * Estimated time: estimate subject to curcumstances